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insight 0.19.12


insight 0.19.11

CRAN release: 2024-05-12


  • More informative error message for get_varcov() when the requested vcov-function failed.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue with get_data() for coxme models when sourcewas set to "modelframe".

insight 0.19.10

CRAN release: 2024-03-22

Bug fixes

  • Functions like find_variables() or clean_names() now support multi-membership formulas for models from brms.

  • Updated tests to work with the latest changes in glmmTMB 1.1.9.

insight 0.19.9

CRAN release: 2024-03-15

New supported models

  • Support for models of class serp (package serp).


  • standardize_names() now also recognizes column s.value from objects of package marginaleffects.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue in find_predictors() for models with splines (s()), where number of dimensions was indicated with a variable, not a number.

  • format_ci() now works for factors and character vectors again.

  • Fixed issues with latest release of tinytable.

  • Fixed issues with latest release of PROreg.

insight 0.19.8

CRAN release: 2024-01-31


  • Removed deprecated arguments in get_data.mmrm().

  • Improved support for models of class rqs (package quantreg).

  • Revised test to address forthcoming changes in the pscl package.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue in get_loglikelihood() for glm-models with binary outcome, where levels were defined in reversed order.

  • Fixed issue in find_formula() for models of class glmmPQL (package MASS).

  • Fixed issue in find_formula() for models of class gam (package mgcv) for the "gaulss" family.

  • Fixed issue in get_variance() for glmmTMB models with family = "ordbeta".

  • Fixed issue in model_info() with correctly detecting multivariate vgam/vglm models.

insight 0.19.7

CRAN release: 2023-11-26


Changes to functions

  • get_varcov() for models of class pgmm (package plm) now also supported robust variance-covariance matrices (i.e. argument vcov).

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue in find_predictors() for survival models with strata(), containing more that one variable.

  • Fixed issue in model_info(), where in some cases logistic regression models were erroneously considered as "bernoulli" models.

  • Fixed issue in find_formula() for models of class gamlss when the random() function was used with namespace in the formula (i.e. ... + gamlss::random()).

  • model_info() now detects models with zero-inflation part from package glmmTMB when models have truncated-families but no ziformula.

insight 0.19.6

CRAN release: 2023-10-12


Changes to functions

  • model_info() now recognized ordered beta families.

  • find_formula and get_response for nestedLogit models gain a dichotomies argument, to return values for the dichotomies used to fit the model.

Bug fixes

  • find_transformation() better detects power-transformation of the response variable.

  • Corrected return value from find_statistic for nnet::multinom() models.

  • clean_parameters() did not return the "clean_parameters" class attributes for some object. This caused issued in upstream packages.

  • Fixed issue in model_info(), which did not correctly detect “Bernoulli” property for some models classes (like glmmTMB or glmerMod).

insight 0.19.5

CRAN release: 2023-09-13

Bug fixes

insight 0.19.4

CRAN release: 2023-09-10

Changes to functions

  • get_predicted() now accepts predict = "link" for gaussian models with log-link (i.e. glm(..., family = gaussian("log"))), to return predictions on the link scale.

  • check_if_installed() now automatically checks the package DESCRIPTION file to determine the correct minimum version required.

Bug fixes

insight 0.19.3

CRAN release: 2023-06-29

Breaking changes

  • standardize_column_order() has changed the position when re-ordering Bayes factors, ROPEs and ESS / Rhat (mainly relevant for Bayesian models).

Changes to functions

  • standardize_names() and standardize_column_order() now also recognize the "response.level" column name.

  • get_data() for lavaan models is now more stable at retrieving model data when this is not available in the environment.

  • find_terms() gets an as_term_labels argument, to extract model terms from the formula’s "term.labels" attribute. This is closer to the behaviour of stats::terms(), but may be insufficient, e.g. for mixed models.

Bug fixes

  • get_random() now returns the same observations as get_data() and correctly removes missing values from the data before returning it.

  • find_parameters() for marginal effects ignores the "s.value" column (which was added in a recent update).

  • Fixed issue in get_response() for brms models with trunc() function in the response variable.

insight 0.19.2

CRAN release: 2023-05-23

Breaking changes

  • The minimum needed R version has been bumped to 3.6.

  • download_model() no longer errors when a model object could not be downloaded, but instead returns NULL. This prevents test failures, and allows to skip tests when the return value of download_model() is NULL.


  • Improved support for mclogit models (package mclogit) and mipo objects (package mice) for models with ordinal or categorical response.

New supported models

  • phylolm and phyloglm (package phylolm), nestedLogit (package nestedLogit).

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue in get_variance() for glmmTMB models with rank deficient coefficients.

  • Fixed issues in get_weights() for glm models without weights and na.action not set to default in the model call.

  • clean_names() now also removes the relevel() pattern.

  • Fixed issue in model_info() for models of class gamlss.

  • Fixed problems preventing get_data() from locating data defined in non-global environments.

  • Fixed issue in get_predicted() for variables of class numeric matrix created by scale(), which were correctly handled only when get_data() failed to find the data in the appropriate environment.

  • Fixed issue in model_info() for gee models from binomial families.

insight 0.19.1

CRAN release: 2023-03-18

New supported models

  • hglm (package hglm).

Changes to functions

  • Minor improvements to get_data() for t.test().

  • format_value() gets a lead_zero argument, to keep or drop the leading zero of a formatted value, as well as arguments style_positive and style_negative to style positive or negative numbers.

  • format_table() now also formats columns named SGPV (second generation p-values) as p-values.

  • Functions for models of class clm (like find_formula(), find_variables(), get_data() etc.) now also include variables that were defined as scale or nominal component.

Bug fixes

insight 0.19.0

CRAN release: 2023-01-30

New supported models

  • mmrm (package mmrm), flac and flic (logistf)

Breaking changes

  • get_data() was revised and now always tries to recover the data that was used to fit a model from the environment. If this fails, it falls back to recovering data from the model frame (the former default behaviour). Furthermore, the source argument can be used to explicitly force the old behaviour: source = "mf" will try to recover data from the model frame first, then possibly falling back to look in the environment.

New functions

  • n_grouplevels(), to return random effect groups and number of group levels for mixed models.

Changes to functions

Bug fixes

  • Fixed but in get_modelmatrix() handling of incomplete factors which sometimes had downstream implications for numerical results in the uncertainty estimates produced by get_predicted().

  • Fixed minor issues for HTML tables in export_table() when model parameters were grouped.

  • Fixed issue with incorrect back-transforming in get_data() for models with log-transformed variables.

  • Fixes issue in compact_list().

  • has_single_value() now returns FALSE when the object only has NA and na.rm = TRUE.

  • Fixed issue in get_parameters() for gam-models without smooth terms, or with only smooth terms and removed intercept.

insight 0.18.8

CRAN release: 2022-11-24

Bug fixes

  • Fixed test due to changes in the performance package.

insight 0.18.7

CRAN release: 2022-11-18


  • Minor revisions to get_predicted.glmmTMB() due to changes in behaviour of predict.glmmTMB() for truncated-family models since glmmTMB 1.1.5.

  • New function has_single_value() that is equivalent to length(unique()) == 1 (or n_unique() == 1) but faster.

Changes to functions

  • ellipses_info() now includes an attribute $is_binomial, which is TRUE for each model from binomial family.

Bug fixes

insight 0.18.6

CRAN release: 2022-10-23

New supported models

Bug fixes

  • Better detection of unicode-support, to avoid failures when building vignettes.

  • get_predicted() now correctly handles variables of class numeric matrix created by scale(), which fixes a bug in performance::check_model() (easystats/performance#432).

  • Fixed issue with iterations argument in get_predicted() with brms models.

insight 0.18.5

CRAN release: 2022-10-12


  • get_df(type = "satterthwaite") for lmerMod objects now return degrees of freedom per parameter, and no longer per observation. Use df_per_obs TRUE to return degrees of freedom per observation.

New functions

  • safe_deparse_symbol() to only deparses a substituted expressions when possible,which increases performance in case many calls to deparse(substitute()).

Changes to functions

  • format_table() gets a use_symbols argument. If TRUE, column names that refer to particular effectsizes (like Phi, Omega or Epsilon) include the related unicode-character instead of the written name. This only works on Windows for R >= 4.2, and on OS X or Linux for R >= 4.0.

  • The stars argument in format_table() can now also be a character vector, naming the columns that should include stars for significant values. This is especially useful for Bayesian models, where we might have multiple columns with significant values, e.g. "BF" for the Bayes factor or "pd" for the probability of direction.

  • get_df() gets more type options to return different type of degrees of freedom (namely, "wald" and "normal", and for mixed models, "ml1", "betwithin", "satterthwaite" and "kenward-roger").

  • standardize_names() now recognized more classes from package marginaleffects.

  • Minor improvements to find_parameters() for models with nonlinear formula.

  • Minor speed improvements.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue in get_data() for models of class plm, which accidentally converted factors into character vectors.

  • Fixed issue with column alignment in export_table() when the data frame to print contained unicode-characters longer than 1 byte.

  • Correctly extract predictors for fixest::i(f1, i.f2) interactions (#649 by @grantmcdermott).

insight 0.18.4

CRAN release: 2022-09-20

Changes to functions

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue in get_data() which did not correctly backtransform to original data when terms had log-transformations such as log(1 + x) or log(x + 1).

  • Fixed CRAN check issues.

insight 0.18.3

CRAN release: 2022-09-18

New functions

Changes to functions

  • get_predicted() for models of class clm now includes confidence intervals of predictions.

  • format_message() gets some additional formatting features. See ‘Details’ in ?format_message for more information and some current limitations.

  • format_message() gets an indent argument, to specify indention string for subsequent lines.

  • format_table() now merges IC and IC weights columns into one column (e.g., former columns "AIC" and "AIC_wt" will now be printed as one column, named "AIC (weights)"). Furthermore, an ic_digits argument was added to control the number of significant digits for the IC values.

  • print_color() and color_text() now support bright variants of colors and background colors.

  • get_datagrid() gets more options for at and range, to provide more control how to generate the reference grid.

  • get_data() for models of class geeglm and fixestnow more reliably retrieves the model data.

New supported models

  • Support for models of class mblogit and mclogit.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issues with wrong attribute adjusted_for in insight::get_datagrid().

  • Fixed issue (resp. implemented workaround) in get_data.iv_robust(), which failed due to a bug in the estimatr package.

  • Fixed issue where get_predicted() failed when data contains factors with only one or incomplete levels.

  • Fixed issue in get_predicted() for models of class mlm.

  • Fixed issue where get_predicted() failed to compute confidence intervals of predictions when model contained matrix-alike response columns, e.g. a response variable created with cbind().

insight 0.18.2

CRAN release: 2022-08-10

New functions

Changes to functions

Bug fixes

  • Fixed test failures.

  • Minor fixes to address changes in other packages.

insight 0.18.0

CRAN release: 2022-07-05

Breaking changes

  • The ci argument in get_predicted() now defaults to NULL. One reason was to make the function faster if confidence intervals are not required, which was the case for many downstream usages of that function. Please set ci explicitly to compute confidence intervals for predictions.

  • get_data() no longer returns logical types for numeric variables that have been converted to logicals on-the-fly within formulas (like y ~ as.logical(x)). Instead, for each numeric variable that was coerced to logical within a formula gets a logical attribute (set to TRUE), and the returned data frame gets a logicals attribute including all names of affected variables.

  • parameters_table(), the alias for format_table(), was removed.

Changes to functions

Bug fixes

  • get_sigma() for models from package VGAM returned wrong sigma-parameter.

  • find_predictors() for models from package fixest that contained interaction terms in the endogenous formula part did not correctly return all instruments.

  • Fixed formatting of HTML table footers in export_table().

  • Several fixes to get_predicted() for models from mgcv::gam().

  • The component argument in find_parameters() for stanmvreg models did not accept the "location" value.

  • null_model() did not consider offset-terms if these were specified inside formulas.

  • Argument was not passed to predict() for get_predicted.glmmTMB().

  • clean_names() now works correctly when several variables are specified in s() (#573, @etiennebacher).

insight 0.17.1

CRAN release: 2022-05-13

New supported model classes

  • deltaMethod (car), marginaleffects, marginaleffects.summary (marginaleffects)


  • get_predicted() now supports models of class iv_robust and ivreg.

  • For get_predicted(), when both type and predict are given, type will overwrite predict. Note that this will print a message, because predict is the preferred argument.

  • get_varcov() gains vcov and vcov_args arguments, to specify the variance-covariance matrix used to compute uncertainty estimates (e.g., for robust standard errors).

  • get_loglikehood() improved handling of models from package estimator.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug in get_data() for model objects whose data needs to be recovered from the environment, and where the data name was a reserved word (e.g., named like an R function).

  • The matrix returned by get_varcov() for models of class bife now returns row and column names.

  • find_offset() did not find offset-terms for merMod objects when the offset was specified as offset argument in the function call.

insight 0.17.0

CRAN release: 2022-03-29

Breaking changes

  • Arguments vcov_estimation and vcov_type in get_predicted(), get_predicted_se() and get_predicted_ci() are replaced by vcov and vcov_args, to have a more simplified and common interface to control robust covariance matrix estimation.


New functions

Changes to functions

  • export_table() now better checks for invalid values of caption and footer for tables in HTML format, and silently removes, e.g., ansi-colour codes that only work for text-format.

  • get_data.coxph() returns the original data frame instead of data with type coercion.

  • get_loglikelihood() gets a check_response argument, to check if a model has a transformed response variable (like log() or sqrt() transformation), and if so, returns a corrected log-likelihood.

  • get_modelmatrix() now supports BayesFactor models.

  • get_loglikelihood() and get_df() now support more model classes.

  • get_predicted() was improved for multinomial models from brms.

  • get_variance() was improved to cover more edge cases of (more complex) random effect structures.

  • get_data() now includes variables in the returned data frame that were used in the subset argument of regression functions (like lm()).

  • In some edge cases, where get_data() is unable to retrieve the data that was used to fit the model, now a more informative error is printed.

  • ellipses_info() now also accepts a list of model objects, is more stable and returns more information about the provided models (like if all fixed or random effects are the same across models, if all models are mixed models or null-models, etc.)

  • check_if_installed() now works interactively and lets the user prompt whether to automatically update or install packages.

Bug fixes

insight 0.16.0

CRAN release: 2022-02-16

New functions

  • get_datagrid(), to generate a reference grid, usually used when computing adjusted predictions or marginal means from regression models.

Changes to functions


  • get_predicted() was revised. Beside the four core options for the predict argument, it is now also possible to use any value that is valid for the model’s predict() method’s type argument.

  • get_predicted() now supports more models (e.g., from packages like GLMMadaptive or survival).

  • get_predicted() is now more robust when calculating standard errors of predictions.

Other functions


  • Various minor improvements.

insight 0.15.1


  • Improved speed performance, especially for get_data().

Changes to functions

  • get_data() for coxph models now returns the original factor levels for variables transformed with strata() inside formulas.

insight 0.15.0

CRAN release: 2022-01-07

Breaking changes

  • Data management functions (like reshape_longer(), or data_match()) have been moved to the datawizard package.

  • get_data() no longer returns factor types for numeric variables that have been converted to factors on-the-fly within formulas (like y ~ as.factor(x)). Instead, for each numeric variable that was coerced to factor within a formula gets a factor attribute (set to TRUE), and the returned data frame gets a factors attribute including all names of affected variables.

New supported model classes

  • Support for bfsl (bfsl)

New functions


Bug fixes

insight 0.14.5

CRAN release: 2021-10-16

New functions


Changes to functions

  • check_if_installed() gains a quietly argument, if neither stopping nor a warning message for non-installed packages is requested.

  • get_predicted()’s predict argument now accepts these values: “link”, “expectation”, “prediction”, “classification”, or NULL.

  • get_predicted() accepts predict=NULL, which allows users to push a type argument through the ... ellipsis, forward to the predict() method of the modelling package.

Bug fixes

insight 0.14.4

CRAN release: 2021-09-02

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issues due to latest brms update.

insight 0.14.3

CRAN release: 2021-08-17

New supported model classes

  • systemfit (systemfit)


  • Minor improvements for functions that support printing outputs.

Changes to functions

  • get_predicted() gains a new option, predict = "response" for binomial models.

  • Improved stability of get_variance() when computing random-slope-intercept correlation with categorical random slopes.

  • Improved get_priors() for brms models.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue in get_data() for brms models with auxiliary parameters.

  • Fixed issue in find_formula() for brms models with auxiliary parameters.

  • Fixed issue where get_data() for htest objects did not always preserve factors.

  • Fixed issue in format_table() for ci-levels with longer fractional part.

insight 0.14.2

CRAN release: 2021-06-22

Changes to functions

  • check_if_installed() gains a minimum_version argument, to check if an installed package is not older than the specified version number.

  • The package argument in check_if_installed() is now vectorized, so you can check for multiple packages in one function call.

  • Value formatting functions (like format_value() or format_ci()) can now round to significant digits using digits = "signif".

Bug fixes

insight 0.14.1

CRAN release: 2021-05-28

New functions

  • Added several data management and preparation functions: data_to_long(), data_match(), data_relocate(), data_restoretype(), force_numeric().

New supported model classes

  • Support for pgmm (plm)

Changes to functions

  • Improved handling of auxiliary parameters for stanreg models.

Bug fixes

  • Stability improvements to get_predicted().

  • Fixed issues when accessing information from an afex_aov model with an empty aov slot (in anticipation for afex v.1.0.0).

  • Fixed issue in model_info() for stanreg object with non-standard model-family specification.

insight 0.14.0

CRAN release: 2021-05-07


  • Better support for accessing auxiliary parameters (via get_sigma() and get_auxiliary(), as well as get_parameters(component = "all")) for brmsfit models.

New functions

New supported model classes

  • Support for mvord (mvord), SemiParBIV (GJRM), selection (sampleSelection)

Changes to functions

  • find_formula() now warns when data name is present in formula, since this can result in unexpected behaviour in other package functions.

  • model_info() returns is_bernoulli = TRUE for Bernoulli models.

  • Add get_statistic() for lavaan models.

  • get_df() supports more models/objects.

  • get_sigma() supports more models/objects.

  • get_sigma() and get_deviance() for lrm models (package rms) now only return one value, sigma or deviance for the model with intercept and predictors.

  • get_deviance() now works for glmerMod, MixMod and glmmTMB models.

  • The behaviour and documentation of the effects and component arguments, in particular for brmsfit models, were revised to be more consistent.

  • export_table() now correctly prints the footer if the input was a list of data frames.

Bug fixes

insight 0.13.2

CRAN release: 2021-04-01


  • get_predicted() has be revamped with a new API and a stable output form (a vector). In the course of this revision, a new function get_predicted_ci() to calculate uncertainty intervals for model predictions.

  • Improved support for orm (rms).

New supported model classes

  • Support for svy_vglm (svyVGAM), mjoint (joineRML), mhurdle (mhurdle), sarlm (spatialreg), model_fit (tidymodels)

New functions

  • is_gam_model() as a small helper to check if a model is a generalized additive model with smooth terms.

Changes to functions

Bug fixes

insight 0.13.1

CRAN release: 2021-02-22


  • Improved handling for GAMs.

New supported model classes

  • Support for elm, eglm (eflm)

Changes to functions

  • get_residuals(..., weighted = TRUE) doesn’t throw warnings if weights are 1 (no weights specified).

  • n_parameters() gains a only_estimable argument, to remove non-estimable parameters from counting the number of parameters for models with rank-deficient model matrix.

  • format_ci() also gains a zap_small argument.

Bug fixed

  • Fix or disable failing tests on Mac OS.

  • Fixed issues in get_variance() with non-correlated random-slope-intercepts for lme4 models.

insight 0.13.0

CRAN release: 2021-02-15


  • Roll-back R dependency to R >= 3.4.

New supported model classes

  • Support for crr (cmprsk), ergm (ergm), btergm (btergm), Rchoice (Rchoice), garch (tseries)

Changes to functions

Bug fixes

  • get_varcov() did not properly remove NA from rank-deficient models.

  • Fixed issue/warning in get_data() for some htest objects, where the environment was not properly evaluated.

  • Fixed issue in format_table() with p-value formatting, when input data frame contained a column named "p", which was not numeric.

  • (Hopefully) fixed issue with failing CRAN checks.

insight 0.12.0

CRAN release: 2021-01-14

Breaking changes

New supported model classes

  • Support for coxr (coxrobust), coeftest (lmtest), ivFixed (ivFixed), ivprobit (ivprobit), riskRegression (riskRegression). summary.lm, lmodel2 (lmodel2), improved support for bamlss (bamlss).

New functions

Changes to functions

  • find_formula(), find_predictor(), find_random() and related functions now also return names of random effects from generalized additive mixed models (gamm, gamm4, stan_gamm4).

  • Added support for more BFBayesFactor objects.

  • model_info() now returns $is_xtab for chisq.test() and BayesFactor::contingencyTableBF(). Furthermore, the $family element for those objects is set to "categorical".

  • n_obs() now handles number of observations from models with binomial family correctly when these have matrix-columns as response variable.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue in find_statistic() for fixest models, which did not return the correct value "t-statistic" for feols().

  • Fixes inconsistencies in get_priors() for (linear) BFBayesFactor models.

insight 0.11.1

CRAN release: 2020-12-08


  • Warnings that formerly were printed using print_color() now use warning(), to better suppress warning messages if required.

New functions

  • find_smooth(), to return in particular smooth terms used in a model.

Changes to functions

  • get_variance() and get_variance_random() gain a tolerance-argument, to set the tolerance level for singularity checks when computing random effect variances.

  • parameters_table() formats more objects from the easystats packages, like ROPE-range or p_rope().

  • find_statistic() now supports models of class scam.

  • get_data() now also supports htest-object, where possible.

Bug fixes

insight 0.11.0

CRAN release: 2020-11-24

Breaking changes

New supported model classes

  • Support for scam (scam), meta_random and meta_fixed (metaBMA), Glm (rms), ridgelm (MASS), mediate (mediation). Partial support for mcmc.list (e.g. bayesGARCH)

New function

  • parameters_table(), which was moved from package parameters to insight. Note that this function is going to be renamed into format_table() in a future update.

  • find_offset(), to find the name of offset-terms.

  • Added generics for display() and print_md(), to allow other packages to create tables in other formats when not printing the output to console.

Changes to functions

  • standardize_names() tries to be as loyal to the broom-naming conventions as possible.

  • The function of the brackets-argument in format_ci() was changed. It is now also possible to provide a length-two character vector, to define own brackets that encompass the CI-values.

  • Related to the change in format_ci(), the function of the brackets-argument in parameters_table() was changed accordingly. Furthermore, parameters_table() gains a preserve_attributes-argument, to preserve any attributes from the input data frame.

  • export_table() gains several new arguments that allows to create tables in markdown-format.

  • print_parameters() gains a keep_parameter_column-argument, to keep (default) both the "Cleaned_Parameter" and "Parameter" columns, or - if FALSE - use "Cleaned_Parameter" as new "Parameter" column.

Bug fixes


  • Fixed issue in get_data() for MixMod objects, which were caused due to internal changes in GLMMadaptive.

  • get_data() for zero-inflated models from pscl did not include the offset-term in cases where the offset was defined as argument, not inside the model formula.

  • Fixed issue in get_data() for coxph models with survival-objects with event-argument as response.

  • Fixed edge case in get_data() for column name of response values that were log-transformed using log(x+1).

Other bug fixes

  • Fixed issue with survreg models that included strata() in their formula.

  • Fixed warning in CRAN checks for forthcoming R-devel.

insight 0.10.0

CRAN release: 2020-10-22

New function

New supported model classes

  • Support for maov (stats), HLfit (spaMM), preliminary support for margins (margins), merModList (merTools).


Changes to functions

  • format_bf() gains a na_reference argument, to set the “reference” for Bayes factor values that are NA, and an exact argument for returning scientific formatted extreme values.

  • format_value() gains a zap_small argument, to prevent scientific printing of numbers if these have more decimal places than indicated by digits.

  • get_weights() now also returns NULL when all weights were 1.

  • get_parameters() for BFBayesFactor objects gets a verbose argument.

  • get_parameters() for emmGrid and emm_list objects gets a summary argument, to either return the full posterior samples or the summarized centrality indices for Bayesian models.

  • find_formula() for MuMIn::model.avg() now tries to retrieve the random effects part of a formula, when present.

  • get_weights() gains a na_rm argument to remove possible missing values.

Bug fixes

insight 0.9.6

CRAN release: 2020-09-20

Changes to functions

  • get_data() now works for models from afex_aov().

  • get_parameters() returns a more informative message for BFBayesFactor objects when not the first model is indexed.

  • clean_names() now also removes exp()-pattern.

  • clean_names() for character-objects now works with “interaction patterns” (like clean_names("scale(a):scale(b)")).

  • format_bf() gains a protect_ratio argument, to print numbers smaller than 1 as ratios.

Bug fixes

  • Fix issues in CRAN checks.

  • get_priors() now works for more complex BFBayesFactor objects that have multiple custom priors.

insight 0.9.5

CRAN release: 2020-09-07

Breaking changes

  • get_data() did not always “back-transform” log-transformed or scaled variables to return the original values. Now this bug has been fixed, and get_data() should return all variables on the original scale (as if these variables were not transformed), as stated in the docs.

Bug fixes

  • get_data() now returns the correct original data for “empty” polynomials (i.e. poly(x, 1)).

  • Fix CRAN check issues due to latest estimatr update.

insight 0.9.1

CRAN release: 2020-08-26

New supported model classes

  • Support for mipo (mice), lqmm and lqm (lqmm). Preliminary support for semLME (smicd), mle (stats4) and mle2 (bbmle).

Changes to functions

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue with correctly detecting sigma-parameters in find_parameters() for multiple-response brmsfit-models.

  • Fixed issue with find_formula() for models from stan_nlmer().

  • Fixed issues with find_terms() when response variable included a namespace, like survival::Surv().

  • Fixed issues with get_priors() for stanreg models, probably caused by the latest update to rstanarm 2.21.2.

  • Fixed issues in get_variance() for brmsfit models.

  • Fixed some issues around crq objects (package quantreg).

insight 0.9.0

CRAN release: 2020-07-20

New supported model classes

  • BGGM (BGGM), metaplus (metaplus), glht (multcomp), glmm (glmm), improved support for manova (stats)

New functions

Changes to functions

  • get_variance() now also returns the correlation among random slopes.

  • get_variance() now also (partially) supports brmsfit models.

  • get_parameters() for models that return (posterior or simulated) samples of model parameters gains a summary-argument, which - if TRUE - returns a point-estimate (mean of samples) instead of the full samples.

  • format_p() returns "> .999" for p-values equal to or greater than 0.999.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue in find_formula() that did not properly work for models with random effects in formula (in lme4 notation), when random effects were in between fixed effects parts.

  • get_variance() did not return variance components for random effects for null-models with random slopes.

  • Fixed issue with get_variance() for lme-models with categorical random slope.

  • Fixed issue that occurred since R 4.0.0 in find_weights() when function call had no weights-argument.

  • Fixed issue in get_data() for models with cbind()-response variables and matrix-like variables in the model frame (e.g. when using poly()).

  • Fixed issues with PROreg::BBmm(), due to changes in latest package update.