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String Values Formatting


format_string(x, ...)

# S3 method for character
format_string(x, length = NULL, abbreviate = "...", ...)



String value.


Arguments passed to or from other methods.


Numeric, maximum length of the returned string. If not NULL, will shorten the string to a maximum length, however, it will not truncate inside words. I.e. if the string length happens to be inside a word, this word is removed from the returned string, so the returned string has a maximum length of length, but might be shorter.


String that will be used as suffix, if x was shortened.


A formatted string.


s <- "This can be considered as very long string!"
# string is shorter than max.length, so returned as is
format_string(s, 60)
#> [1] "This can be considered as very long string!"

# string is shortened to as many words that result in
# a string of maximum 20 chars
format_string(s, 20)
#> [1] "This can be..."