“From R to Manuscript”

report’s primary goal is to bridge the gap between R’s output and the formatted results contained in your manuscript. It automatically produces reports of models and dataframes according to best practice guidelines (e.g., APA’s style guide), ensuring standardization and quality in results reporting.


# Example
model <- lm(Sepal.Length ~ Species, data=iris)


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The package documentation can be found here. Check-out these tutorials:


report is a young package in need of affection. You can easily be a part of the developing community of this open-source software and improve science by doing the following:

  • Create or check existing issues to report, replicate, understand or solve some bugs.
  • Create or check existing issues to suggest or discuss a new feature.
  • Check existing issues to see things that we’d like to implement, but where help is needed to do it.
  • Check existing issues to give your opinion and participate in package’s design discussions.

Don’t be shy, try to code and submit a pull request (See the contributing guide). Even if it’s not perfect, we will help you make it great!


Run the following:


Report all the things

General Workflow

The report package works in a two step fashion. First, you create a report object with the report() function (which takes different arguments depending on the type of object you are reporting). Then, this report object can be displayed either textually, using to_text(), or as a table, using to_table(). Moreover, you can access a more detailed (but less digested) version of the report using to_fulltext() and to_fulltable(). Finally, to_values() makes it easy to access all the internals of a model.


The report() function works on a variety of models, as well as dataframes:

These reports nicely work within the tidyverse workflow:

# Correlation report
cor.test(iris$Sepal.Length, iris$Petal.Length) %>% 

You can also create tables with the table_short() and table_long() functions:


If you like it, you can put a star on this repo, and cite the package as follows:

  • Makowski & Lüdecke (2019). The report package for R: Ensuring the use of best practices for results reporting. CRAN. doi: .