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A robust function to compute the log-likelihood of a model, as well as individual log-likelihoods (for each observation) whenever possible. Can be used as a replacement for stats::logLik() out of the box, as the returned object is of the same class (and it gives the same results by default).


get_loglikelihood(x, ...)

loglikelihood(x, ...)

# S3 method for class 'lm'
  estimator = "ML",
  check_response = FALSE,
  verbose = TRUE,



A model.


Passed down to logLik(), if possible.


Corresponds to the different estimators for the standard deviation of the errors. If estimator="ML" (default), the scaling is done by n (the biased ML estimator), which is then equivalent to using stats::logLik(). If estimator="OLS", it returns the unbiased OLS estimator. estimator="REML" will give same results as logLik(..., REML=TRUE).


Only for linear models. This argument is present for compatibility with stats::logLik(). Setting it to TRUE will overwrite the estimator argument and is thus equivalent to setting estimator="REML". It will give the same results as stats::logLik(..., REML=TRUE). Note that individual log-likelihoods are not available under REML.


Logical, if TRUE, checks if the response variable is transformed (like log() or sqrt()), and if so, returns a corrected log-likelihood. To get back to the original scale, the likelihood of the model is multiplied by the Jacobian/derivative of the transformation.


Toggle warnings and messages.


An object of class "logLik", also containing the log-likelihoods for each observation as a per_observation attribute (attributes(get_loglikelihood(x))$per_observation) when possible. The code was partly inspired from the nonnest2 package.


x <- lm(Sepal.Length ~ Petal.Width + Species, data = iris)

get_loglikelihood(x, estimator = "ML") # Equivalent to stats::logLik(x)
#> 'log Lik.' -101.0339 (df=5)
get_loglikelihood(x, estimator = "REML") # Equivalent to stats::logLik(x, REML=TRUE)
#> 'log Lik.' -107.0896 (df=5)
get_loglikelihood(x, estimator = "OLS")
#> 'log Lik.' -101.0611 (df=5)