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Checking if needed package is installed


  reason = "for this function to work",
  stop = TRUE,
  minimum_version = NULL,
  quietly = FALSE,
  prompt = interactive(),



A character vector naming the package(s), whose installation needs to be checked in any of the libraries.


A phrase describing why the package is needed. The default is a generic description.


Logical that decides whether the function should stop if the needed package is not installed.


A character vector, representing the minimum package version that is required for each package. Should be of same length as package. If NULL, will automatically check the DESCRIPTION file for the correct minimum version. If using minimum_version with more than one package, NA should be used instead of NULL for packages where a specific version is not necessary.


Logical, if TRUE, invisibly returns a vector of logicals (TRUE for each installed package, FALSE otherwise), and does not stop or throw a warning. If quietly = TRUE, arguments stop and prompt are ignored. Use this argument to internally check for package dependencies without stopping or warnings.


If TRUE, will prompt the user to install needed package(s). Ignored if quietly = TRUE.


Currently ignored


If stop = TRUE, and package is not yet installed, the function stops and throws an error. Else, a named logical vector is returned, indicating which of the packages are installed, and which not.


# \donttest{
try(check_if_installed("datawizard", stop = FALSE))
try(check_if_installed("rstanarm", stop = FALSE))
try(check_if_installed("nonexistent_package", stop = FALSE))
#> Warning: Package `nonexistent_package` required for this function to work.
#>   Please install it by running `install.packages("nonexistent_package")`.
try(check_if_installed("insight", minimum_version = "99.8.7"))
#> Error : Package `insight` is installed, but package version `99.8.7` is
#>   required.
#>   Please update it by running `install.packages("insight")`.
try(check_if_installed(c("nonexistent", "also_not_here"), stop = FALSE))
#> Warning: Packages `nonexistent` and `also_not_here` required for this function to
#>   work.
#>   Please install them by running `install.packages("nonexistent",
#>   "also_not_here")`.
try(check_if_installed(c("datawizard", "rstanarm"), stop = FALSE))
try(check_if_installed(c("datawizard", "rstanarm"),
  minimum_version = c(NA, "2.21.1"), stop = FALSE
# }