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In easystats, we have a 0-dependency policy, which makes our packages fairly light and fast to install. However, we rely on many many (many) packages for testing (at least all the packages for functions that we support) and some specific features. These "soft dependencies" can be downloaded at once using this function. This will allow you to fully utilize 100\


install_suggested(package = "easystats")

show_suggested(package = "easystats")

show_reverse_dependencies(package = "easystats")



If NULL or "easystats" (the default), all suggested packages for all 'easystats' packages will be installed. If specific packages are specified, only suggested packages for those packages will be installed.


Useful only for its side-effect of installing the needed packages.


To reduce the dependency load, 'easystats' packages by default will not download all internally needed packages. It will ask the user to download them only if they are needed. The current function can help install all packages a given 'easystats' package might need. For example, install_suggested("see"). show_suggested() is a convenient helper to show the current list of suggested packages for each 'easystats' package.


if (FALSE) {

# listing all reverse dependencies of easystats packages