News from easystats: updated parameters and see packages.

New Features of the parameters and see Package

We’re excited to announce some news from the easystats-project. Two packages were updated recently, the parameters-package and our visualization-toolbox, the see-package.

Before we start introducing some of the new features, we’d like to explain why you need the see-package to create plots for functions from other easystats packages. So, the see-package not only includes additional geoms, color scales and themes for ggplot2, but - maybe more important - also provides plot()-methods for many functions from the various easystats packages. By separating the plotting functionality from our core packages, packages from the easystats-project don’t rely nor import any other packages! This means that you can safely use them as dependencies in your own packages, without the risk of butterfly effects (a small change in a distant downstream dependency with unexpected upstream consequences).

Get Involved

Note that easystats is a new project in active development, looking for contributors and supporters. Thus, do not hesitate to contact us if you want to get involved :)

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