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Robust standard errors. Superseded by the vcov* arguments in standard_error()


  vcov = "HC3",
  vcov_args = NULL,
  component = "conditional",



A model.


Variance-covariance matrix used to compute uncertainty estimates (e.g., for robust standard errors). This argument accepts a covariance matrix, a function which returns a covariance matrix, or a string which identifies the function to be used to compute the covariance matrix.

  • A covariance matrix

  • A function which returns a covariance matrix (e.g., stats::vcov())

  • A string which indicates the kind of uncertainty estimates to return.

    • Heteroskedasticity-consistent: "vcovHC", "HC", "HC0", "HC1", "HC2", "HC3", "HC4", "HC4m", "HC5". See ?sandwich::vcovHC.

    • Cluster-robust: "vcovCR", "CR0", "CR1", "CR1p", "CR1S", "CR2", "CR3". See ?clubSandwich::vcovCR.

    • Bootstrap: "vcovBS", "xy", "residual", "wild", "mammen", "webb". See ?sandwich::vcovBS.

    • Other sandwich package functions: "vcovHAC", "vcovPC", "vcovCL", "vcovPL".


List of arguments to be passed to the function identified by the vcov argument. This function is typically supplied by the sandwich or clubSandwich packages. Please refer to their documentation (e.g., ?sandwich::vcovHAC) to see the list of available arguments.


Model component for which standard errors should be shown. See the documentation for your object's class in model_parameters() or p_value() for further details.


Arguments passed to or from other methods.